Custom design bags made on Earth in Poland. #youcarrywecare

Hi! My name is Michael and this is my Shop.

A few years ago i've decided to buy a sewing machine.
Just to learn something new.
After just a few days sewing became my passion. Because of many years of experience in different fields: Telecommunications, IT, Events, and Live Sound Realization i know how things works, and how important for people is having good, intuitive, lifetime gear.
Designing and sewing grounded me, and people needs became my obsession.

In design i'm trying new solutions for Every Day Carry.

"No matter where you carry, you carry on EARTH."
This idea became my core to design backpacks, bags, and accessories that are versatile to fulfill every need, but simple enough to be user friendly.
My products are made with highest standards, and i'm always maintaining highest quality of the craft. Every product is made by Me - From design, to pattern, to cuttings, to final product.#youcarrywecare

In my products i use materials:
- Coats® Thread;

- Pasamon® Safety Belts and Mil-spec webbing.

- Cordura® nylon 500d - Designed for living and built to last, the original durable CORDURA® fabric has proven performance in many of the world’s toughest environments. Made with high tenacity air jet textured nylon 6,6 filament yarns.
- Excellent abrasion and tear resistance- Water Repellent finish on one side with anti stain Teflon coating, and Poliurethane (PU) on the back 
- Waterproof - Air jet textured for high abrasion resistance
- Stylish versatility
Coloured Cordura® is Made in Italy.
PenCott® & Multicam® pattern Cordura® is Made in USA.

- OPTI® S80 HydroS Zipper - S stands for Spiral, Strength, Slender, Sliding, Superiority. Opti Spiral Zips are manufactured using the unique 'S'-technology, the core of which is in only one weaving operation where high quality fibers are interwoven whilst inserting the spiral. This allows for a smaller slider, because the spiral lies flat on the textile tape and increases the strength of the zip.HydroS is a specially developed water repellent treatment applied to zips which prevents water passing through the tape of the zip. HydroS owes its name to Hydro Stop. Opti S HydroS combines strength, security and the unique flat appearance of Opti S technology. 

- Austrialpin Quick release Cobra® buckle - The COBRA® Quick Release is a buckle that meets the highest safety requirements. When relieved the buckle can only be through pressing both clips at the same time. The locking mechanism makes one-sided locking of the buckle nearly impossible and is confirmed by a distinct ‘clicking’ sound. Made in Austria.

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